A Fall Weekend in Pictures.

Mr. gaunt and I had a pretty busy weekend. money is tight right now so we have been trying to do more less expensive or free things (like yesterday’s pumpkin patch) instead of shopping or anything like that.

For the last three years we have been trying to make it up to the mountains to see the Aspens in full yellow leaf lovelyniss, but always seem to miss it. We tried to go the last few weekends in a row but stuff came up, so Friday after work we headed up into the mountains all excited, but realized quickly that once again we had missed it. Oh well, we still strolled around in the woods, we even found a giant pig rock!

Us in the woods

Us in the woods

See a giant pig rock in the woods!

See a giant pig rock in the woods!

Riding side-saddle?

Riding side-saddle?

Shadow Kiss

Shadow Kiss


Windy and Cold!

Windy and Cold!

Cute town of Idaho Springs

Cute town of Idaho Springs

Today we decided to ditch house cleaning and go stroll around Denver’s Pearl St. and window shopped. It was BLAZING hot today, I think around 85 degrees, so we ate lunch on the Patio at The Crushery and had totally fattening Paninis! They were amazing, so if your down there you should try it! After that Mr. Gaunt drove us over to Washington Park and on a whim we rented a two person paddle boat ($15 for an hour) and paddle ourselves around for a good while, I even made a little video of us:









Anyways that was really fun! Tonight we carved pumpkins and watched Casper! Overall a great weekend! Not so great on the eating front, but Ive decided to move my weigh-in to Saturday so I wont be doing that for a week. That means gym gym gym for the next five days!





4 thoughts on “A Fall Weekend in Pictures.

  1. You guys always make me smile! And here is a story to go with the boat video – that is the very place where I used to take J when he was little. One time, he was enamored of the ducks and walked up to one, saying ” Guck! Guck”” while holding his hands out. The duck didn’t take too kindly to that and tried to take a bite out of him, so it was Momma to the rescue, as I scooped him up and shooed the duck away. Thanks for the memory jogger — and I love the jack-o-lanterns!! Gee, I wonder who did which one? ;^D

  2. Uhhh can I just say that I’m pretty sure you guys are right on-par with Fall Fashion 2009 with those life vests. SWEEEET! Also, awesome sea-foam green skirt, Mo. Where’d you get that? lol Anyway…love the punkins…love you both.

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