Ok so 5 months was October 4th…but still! Tonight I went to my weigh in (which by the way was the best meeting ever! But more on that later) really hoping to lock in my 50lbs. Now like I have said before my scale has said 50lbs lost for a while now, but you have to get at least 2lbs below that number for it to show up on the WW scale…so…Tonights weigh in read..

2.4lbs lost!

Thats 50.6 pounds total..woop woop! Go me! Can you tell Im pretty thrilled about this? (=

In equally silly news I totally teared up at my meeting! Ha! Yeah I was THAT GIRL, the one that cries in front of a crowd of people…sigh. We had a substitute leader who I LOVED, some of the leaders are a little too positive “GO TEAM!” style, but this one was really down to earth and a little bitch…thats my kinda lady. And the topic was Putting Yourself First which I relate to really well cause Im a selfish bitch because the last 5 months have been about putting myself and my weight loss first. I mean I quit my job and got  a new one because I needed a lifestyle that worked for me! So then we had awards and I talked about my fifty pounds and then got all choked up and just wanted to ball and gush about my love for my new lifestyle. Im a dork. Anyways things went really well and I really feel on track for my January goal. Oh and look over there at the goals…another one met! —–>

And a picture from today to mark what I look like after losing 50lbs:

Always a before (to add dramatic effect):

Yeah remember this one!

Yeah remember this one!

After loosing 50 pounds:

Kind of a goofy pose

Kind of a goofy pose

8 thoughts on “FIFTY POUNDS in FIVE MONTHS!


    MORGAN!…I could scream right now! We’re going to have to celebrate tomorrow! I’m so very proud of you – 50 pounds in 5 months, girl…you are truly amazing. It’s been quite the journey and I’ve no doubt that you’re going to get where you want to be. Up next: 75 pounds by Jan 1…batter up lady! Good luck…you can do it!

    I love you.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m new to your blog, but read through some of your most recent entries and just wanted to let you know how inspired I am! You’re a true motivation, and with your drive I know you’ll reach your next goal with ease.

    You look so great, by the way. It makes me realize I should probably take more before pictures (I’m usually behind the camera and forget) so when I start seeing more results I can have some “before” pictures for comparison. I’m relatively new to the weight loss world (and blogging about it, for that matter) but I look forward to being further inspired by your successes!

  3. Oh Morgan, how I love reading your blogs. You really do look GREAT! I finally got a gym membership down here in California and am looking forward to making the gym a part of my routine again. I am also planning on testing out the Vegan Banana-Oat Cookies this weekend. I have a serious addiction to baking and this looks like the perfect guilt free recipe. Thank you for posting it. Thanks again for keeping me entertained and motivated.

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