Vegan Oatmeal Banana Cookies

An old High School friend who has a vegan family linked this recipe last week on Facebook. Because I love to bake ( but avoid it due to the usual high calorie contents that comes from it) I decided to try this one out. This recipe was super easy and uber healthy! I mean Oats, Bananas and whole wheat flour? No butter, sugar or eggs. Come on thats good stuff!



The recipe is here and calls for chocolate chips, but I only made half the batch with them. They cooked very fast, like 5 minutes and they are pretty yummy. I wouldn’t say they are super cookie like, more like banana bread or if your from Washington they taste like Bakers Breakfast Cookies.  I also didnt have Canola oil so I just used vegetable oil, and it says they make 12 cookies, but really they make about 18 BIG cookies, and make sure you press them down into cookie shape because they dont spread on their own.

Oh and its snowing today! Not enough to stick but still…October 8th and its snowing! Good thing I bough this new sweet orange hooded pea coat yesterday at Savers for $20!




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