This morning I woke up at around 11:30 (hey its sunday and we were up late!) Mr. Gaunt and I got out of bed and I sat on the couch (indian style…probably not the pc name) and i did my usual facebooking and blog reading. Then my leg fell asleep and when I un tucked it I got the worst Charlie Horse mixed with pins and needles! So I jumped up and began shaking my leg but it really wouldnt go away, so I scream at Mr. Gaunt to get me a banana (which I have heard can help a Charlie horse) and then three bites into the banana shit gets bad. First it felt like I pinched my back, and then I had to curl my whole back up and then I fell to the floor in tears! I literally though I had snapped my own spine! You hear of people doing weird shit like breaking their necks while brushing their teeth! So I layed on the floor and cried for like 20 minutes.

Basically after further review it seems I have pulled my left lower shoulder blade out. As far as what I did exactly to trigger this, I have no idea. I think this is a post injury from my Costco job boxing groceries and lifting case after case of water, my shoulder often gave me trouble but I stopped doing that a week ago! Also I did a fair amount of sewing this week which usually entails me hunched over a sewing machine (that always hurts my back). Long story short I wanna die.

Right now Im icing my back while sitting on the couch, its such a bummer though because I wanted to hit up the gym today and do some laundry and grocery shopping (pretty much anything to avoid watching football) but now I am stuck on the couch in front of the Football TV! UGG! I just hate injuring myself! plus I have to go to weigh in tomorrow morning and this sure as hell isnt going to help me drop the pounds!

I also have ne freaking idea when my new job is going to start, which sucks! October you are no good to me so far! And to think I use to call you my favorite month!

So mad right now, so mad!

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