A Plan for Success

Well my shoulder feels slightly better, but I still havent heard from my job so in order to not let my mind wander (ahhh you have no money and your getting fatter!!!!) I decided to make a list of things Im going to do this week as well as a menu of things Im going to eat! Woohoo I love lists.

TO DO OCTOBER 4th – 11th

1. PAINT! We renewed our lease at our apartment, but I really want to paint my entry way! So this week Im going to pick out a color and then hopefully paint on Friday or Saturday.

2. FRISBEE GOLF! We made plans with our friends Ben and Casey to go play frisbee golf this weekend. Apparently its kind of a hike through the course which makes me a little nervous (me and hiking arent always friends) but Im gonna give it a shot, and I love frisbee golf, it reminds me of playing with friends at Cornwall park back home.

3. WAX! I need my eyebrows waxed this week.

4. GYM! I need to get my but to the gym at least 4 times this week (hopefully my shoulder will chill out so this can happen)

5. WEIGH IN! Hoping to do this tomorrow

Now for the MENU!

MONDAY: Quinoa (or Brown rice) Stuffed Acorn Squash

TUESDAY: Weight Watchers Corn Chowder

WEDNESDAY: Roasted Three potato Salad

THURSDAY: Tuna and Avocado Salad

FRIDAY: Pasta with Shrimp Spinach and Lemon

Ok the weekend I will hold off on. Also please note the links for these meals are more for inspiration and will probably all be modified to be healthier! I will take pics of everything to show you along the way! xoxo

Oh and we have a million peppers so if anyone ahs any great pepper recipes you shoudl leave them in the comments…thanks!

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