Week Twenty

Well I am at 5 months into my Weight Watchers lifestyle, well it will be 5 months on October 4th to be exact. I weighed in this morning at 47lbs lost, which is ok but not great seeing as I had two days this week when I was down 52 lbs. Im not exactly sure what happened, but Im jumping back on the gym bandwagon this week to ensure that I can reach my 50lbs in a WW meeting by October 4th!

This week I am getting ready for my craft fair (on Saturday) and hopefully I get to start work mid this week. There was a little hang up with the job thing because Washington wouldnt release my driving record so today i went and got my Colorado drivers license (yeah 3 years in…ha!) so I really cant afford to not work so fingers crossed that I either start soon or I make a ton at my craft fair!

Alright Im off to call my mom and catch up with her and then back to my sewing dungeon! Oha nd I leave you with a little sneak peak at something new Im making and my fall gourd collection:




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