Weekend Round Up

The weekend is over…sad…but I had a good time! I spent Friday with Pro in Fort Collins and then yesterday I went to a little birthday gathering for Jill and got to see my lovely Kells Bells. Today I went to the Farmers market with Mr. Gaunt (and got a TON of peppers that one farmer gave to us for free) as well as a lot of other produce and pumpkins and gourds! Yay fall! Then I spent the afternoon grocery shopping with Kelli and got some sweet grandma sweaters as Savers, as well as a pit stop at Merle’s for drinks and appetizers!

Sweet Tea Vodka Arnold Palmer

Sweet Tea Vodka Arnold Palmer

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes

Yam Chips and Guac

Yam Chips and Guac

Tonight Mr. Gaunt and I made fresh green beans (sauted in olive oil and garlic) as well as Whole Wheat Panko Tilapia and salad (with peppers of course!):





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