Its Not Official But…

…this morning when I stepped on the scale (naked of course) it read FIFTY TWO POUNDS LOST! Holy shit. Now of course you know me, I cant say this is official until my WW meeting says it is which usually means I have to be about 2lbs less than my scale to accomodate clothing and their scale, but again…holy shit. I just lost 52lbs in less than 5 months! I am over a month early for my Halloween goal! I am awesome! (=

I told you about how I got my desktop computer fixed (I usually blog on my lap top) which actually is where all my original BEFORE pictures are. Pictures I took in my underwear the week I started WW front and side. I hadnt looked at them since I took them almost 5 months ago and I had been thinking about them a lot lately, especially because I couldnt look at them do to broken computer. anyways I pulled up the iphoto yesterday and began scrolling through all my photos looking for the dreaded BEFORE shots, and then I found them (turns head to side and heaves into a bucket) oh god. First off I sure as hell do not look awesome naked, but DAMN do I look better than that! They are AWFUL! They are so bad I literally starred speechless in disgust. That is not me! That woman is a beast! That is definitely NOT me! But alas it was me, and if I wasnt in my underwear I would post them, instead Im going to show you a different set of photos taken about a month into WW (Im guessing about 30-35 lbs ago) Enjoy!

awful awkward face too. UGG

awful awkward face too. UGG

And new pics taken this morning. Mr. Gaunt took them and he held the camera a little high because I requested “a reduced double chin shot” ha! But you can see how things have changed! Yay!


5 thoughts on “Its Not Official But…

  1. You are turning into a goddess! And how brave to have taken shots in your undies to begin with – I would break the camera, if I did that.

  2. Yeah I did that whole before shot thing in a bathing suit before I was going to “get in the best shape of my life.” But I never looked different. Ha ha I’m glad you had a better result. You should email me your pics so I can look at them and touch myself, I mean so I can get the full before and after effect.

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