Anniversary, Pizza and Weight Loss

First thing is first, yesterday was officially my three year anniversary of living in Colorado. This my friends is a feat in itself, a struggle along a very bumpy path. I have gone back and forth in my feelings for Colorado, and for Washington for that matter. At this point in time life is going pretty well and I have a wonderful path (of weight loss) that I am focusing on, that in this environment is working. I also have Mr. Gaunt here and that is quite nice. Im up in the air about my next step, and right now I am living in the moment and staying focused on me.

Next up Weight loss! I went to my meeting this morning before work and had a successful 2.2lb loss! Woohoo! That puts me at 45.2 overall, just a mere 4.8lbs aways from my Halloween goal of 50lbs! It would be so nice to hit that early.  Most of my goals have come a little early but the 50lb goal is a HUGE one, right below 75lb (which in my head is the biggest goal which I hope to hit by January). So none the less Im going to continue to workout at the gym and eat well and go to my meetings and widdle away the weight. With the winter coming up I need to look into some warmer clothing especially a coat, but I would love to be down another 10lbs to go shopping for those, fingers crossed the weight loss comes before the snow.

Oh and last but not least Pizza! I worked late tonight so Mr. Gaunt made me this pizza. No recipe but the ingredients are Mozzarella, artichoke hearts, tomato, pesto, onions, spinach, spinach sausage (on half) and feta. Lordy was it delicious!



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