Can Pizza be Healthy?


Kidding. (= of course in generall ALL pizza SUCKS for you! Seriously, you think a slice of vegetarian pizza wont be too bad but according to WW the average slice of vegetarian pizza is SEVEN POINTS! Yeah and like your gonna stop at one slice…ha! Anyways Im not crazy about pizza, but I sure dont mind it either! The other day I bought a whole wheat thin crust pizza crust at Whole Foods, and then two nights ago MR. Gaunt and I made this:





Its Whole Wheat Pizza Crust (pre made, thin crust), a little home made pesto for sauce, fresh spinach, chicken (on Mr. Gaunt’s side) cherry tomatoes and mozzarella! So so yummy! No points or recipe or nutritional info on this one, just yummy food porn. You should try your own! Avoiding meat and limiting cheese is key!

2 thoughts on “Can Pizza be Healthy?

  1. Don’t be as afraid of lean white meats such as turkey or chicken. When cooked without the skin they are packed full of protein which is good and limited in calories, also good! But I hear you on the dairy, I have not touched cheese in almost four months and weird enough don’t miss it!

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