New Couch and Feeling good.

We got a new couch today…woohoo! Our other couch was something we got from friends, and it was really comfy but not quite the slim modern style I like. It also was not enough seating when people came over, so they would end up sitting on the floor or chairs that weren’t comfy. Anyways when I started work last week I noticed this awesome sectional we carried on clearance for $550! So I made the decision that with the little bit of money we could make selling our current couch and the extra money Im getting for the Wedding Planning Im doing that it was the perfect purchase! We went today and picked it up, got it home and assembled it in no time! Of course we still have our other couch sitting in the entry way, but I LOVE the new couch! Mr. Gaunt and I can both lay on it and watch a movie (which we did tonight – I Love You Man) and although its a bit of a challenge to work around a sectional, I think its going to be perfect!


The old couch - FOR SALE IF YOU WANT IT!

The old couch - FOR SALE IF YOU WANT IT!

New Couch

New Couch



In other news I hit up Old Navy today and tried on some pants they had on sale for $19, and yah know what I think Im almost the exact size I was in High School! Yay! I bought these cute grey pants that I love and I almost need to go down ANOTHER size, but I think these will fit for another 15-20 lbs (which is about as much as I can ask for in pants). A friend of mine mentioned shopping second hand to save money on pants, I totally agree with this and I have bought tons of used shirts (although even when I buy new shirts I get the $2.99 ones cause I’m cheap) and cardigans, but Im not a size 10 and the pants in my size are often gross dated tapered pants. I just have never been able to find pants that really fit used, so I will continue to look but I just cant rely on used pants. But I felt amazing about myself all day! I felt cute and stylish and really just happy at how far Ive come. Im so close to entering new territory in my weight loss, a size and weight that I have never been and Im just so excited! You know you have good days and bad days and some times you need to toot your own horn and be happy with yourself and know things can only get better.


9 thoughts on “New Couch and Feeling good.

  1. Love the couch! I just want to flop all over it. Jenna and I just had sushi and then went for a walk and we talked about how we both can’t wait to read your new blog entries! Love ’em, love the couch, love you too! *thumbs up*

    • thanks caitlin! Awww I wish I was in WA and could hang out with you guys (and eat sushi! have you been to that new place next to the Bellwether that does it on a conveyor belt? Its really fun!) and glad you like the couch, I know you have good style so that means a lot to me!

  2. i agree with caitlin (and jenna). i bookmarked your blog and check it almost as much as i check facebook. i love your couch, it goes so well with your ikea coffee table! congrats on all the loss, when coral gets back she’s going to whip me into shape (hopefully not literally).

  3. That couch looks great in your living room and it sounds like it was a great deal! As far as pants go, have you thought about going to a consignment store? I like to go to a place called Plato’s Closet (not sure if you have them around there). Basically, it is a consignment shop for teens, but they have a lot of fashionable pants in a variety of sizes. I think I’m going to have to go secondhand soon to get some new clothes for fall and winter.

  4. Hey lovey.
    Sorry I missed you last night…about 20 mins too late. I was definitely still up though. The couch looks great and I can’t WAIT to come hang out in it. We’ll be so hip 🙂 I know you couldn’t wait to get rid of that other one – it really does look fab.

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