Meal Replacement Bars?

larabarsThere are about a million meal replacement / energy bars out there on the market right now, and today while I was at Sunflower Market I found myself comparing nutritional information for a lot of them. I have an upset stomach today (ugg cause I work at 5) and Im so not hungry! It was noon before I realized I had put anything in my stomach besides iced tea, and the big rule in weight loss is that YOU HAVE TO EAT TO LOSE! So yeah skipping breakfast is a big no no, so I figured I might try one of these bars to fill my calorie and nutritional void. I had heard some bloggers out there talking about Lara Bars and when I was in Washington I saw Kelli eating a Soy Joy bar, the one I ended up picking up was the Kashi Go Lean Chewy Bars. I usually avoid these because I rarely find them filling, and they have a fair amount of calories and fat to eat them as a little snack.


Luna Bars: WW POINTS – 3

Picture 2


Picture 3

Fiber 1 Bars: WW POINTS -2

Picture 4

Kashi Go Lean Bars: WW POINTS-6

Picture 6

Soy Joy Bars: WW POINTS – 2

Picture 7

As you can see I picked the highest points! Ha! Which is ok because I needed to get some calories in, and its now almost 2 and I still haven’t eaten anything else. But its good to know where I should lean when I want one of these. Of course not all of them are vegan or chemical free so read your ingredients too people! Ok I’m off to take a shower before Mr. Gaunt and I hit run some errands before I work. Oh and one more exciting thing is that I now where a comfortable size LARGE, no more XL or XXL! YAY FOR ME!

2 thoughts on “Meal Replacement Bars?

  1. Hey Morg!

    Ha I really don’t remember eating a Soy Joy bar… hmm… I think it was an Active Lifestyle (Kroger) Chocochip Fiber bar. Which I have now replaced with Cascadian Farms Organic Dark Choco / Almond fiber bars. They are sooo good and I get them at Grocery Outlet for way cheap. But yeah, meal replacement bars are great snack… and Lara Bars are friggin bomb diggs. Happy snackin’!

    And congrats on the change in size zone.

  2. Something I look for in replacement bars as a snack is that it has at least 10g of protein and fiber. You want a snack that is at least 200 calories, so I have added eating walnuts with my bar in the afternoon. Lara bars are some of my favorite!

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