Back to Work Blues

I start my first working day tomorrow (Thursday I had orientation) and I guess Im a little nervous, not too bad though Im not doing a crazy hard job so it should be fine. It is going to be pretty physical, a lot of bending lifting that sort of thing. I had a small breakdown yesterday when thinking about how much will change with me going back to work, I mean I basically haven’t worked a traditional job since January and the schedule change is going to take some getting use to. Im going to be working anywhere from 24-40 hours a week with shift lengths and times all over the board, including weekends. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Guant works Monday-Friday 6-2:30 so not having to work weekends has been so nice for us! But that will all be changing now, i will no longer have the free schedule to spend time with Mr. Gaunt and friends and plan meals and cook and grocery shop. Sigh…its gonna be tough. Besides my loved ones my weight loss is the MOST important thing in my life, and to totally wonky up my schedule is freaking me out a little. I mean its not like I just want to sit around all day and do nothing, Im actually looking forward to having something to do, its more that I have no idea when that time will be or for how long. Like tomorrow I have to work from 1-9:30 which if it wasn’t Friday Mr. Gaunt would already be in bed when I got home so I wouldn’t see him for the entire day….booo! And who wants to cook at 10pm??? I don’t, which means Ill probably just snack until I pass out and then get up Saturday and do the same thing again. I wont get to hang out with Mr. Gaunt all weekend. Its hard, it makes me want to cry. But Im trying to have a good attitude and make the most of it, hopefully make friends, get a little more fit! So I probably wont have as much time to blog (sad sad) or cook (sad sad) but I’m going to do my best to maintain my lifestyle and this blog. I’m not a millionaire, I have to work and I had my fun, things will get easier.

5 thoughts on “Back to Work Blues

  1. I’m facing a similar dilemma in that I’m about to start working two jobs. Right now, I have a pretty set schedule of 2pm-10pm, which varies, but I work most weekends. But with two jobs, I worry about having little time to cook and exercise. My fiance has a schedule like Mr. Gaunt. So, the current schedule has always sucked because there are days we hardly see each other. But, it has been great for trying to lose weight, as I have lots of time in the morning to go to the gym and prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch. My fiance usually cooks us dinner since you are right, 10 is late to cook dinner. I think you’ll adapt to the schedule though and it will probably be a good thing that you can get out of the house. Good luck!

  2. Thats so nice to hear Kelly, Iv just been so worried about it. Im glad its going ok with you, Ill need to get Mr. Gaunt on the cooking late nights for me!

  3. Dude, I feel you on the lame schedule. I make more money if I work nights especially on weekends , but Aaron has a 9-5, so I have to sacrifice money to see him! And sometimes I get off at midnight! I usually just eat a bowl of cereal when I get home, but it’s definitely bad news. If I could find a “real job” (one with regular hours) where I could make $25 an hour I’d be all over it! But alas, I am poor, and they only pay hard laborers that much. And I am a pansy. Le sigh.

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