Eating Out Vegetarian Style: Water Course Foods

Mr. Gaunt, Deborah and I went out to dinner tonight to this amazing vegetarian restaurant in Denver called Water Course Foods. The food was amazing and the wall art even better! Oh and I drooled over the deserts but resisted. If your in Denver you gotta try it!

Some fun pictures I took of the place, art, and food we ate!:






Vegetarian Reuben

Vegetarian Reuben

Onion Rings

Onion Rings

Veggie Teriyaki Burger

Veggie Teriyaki Burger

Potabello Brie Pasta

Potabello Brie Pasta

3 thoughts on “Eating Out Vegetarian Style: Water Course Foods

  1. That was such a fun evening and your pictures are amazing! What setting do you use on your camera to get such good pictures up close? It’s food porn and I love it!

  2. AAH!!! I love this place. Jill and I took her family when they were in town a long, long time ago… they liked it lots, too! We went there a few times for breakfast, too… it’s a long wait in the mornings, but worth it!

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