Weigh in Tomorrow!

Its been two weeks since I weighed in (at 34.5lbs lost) and I’m looking forward to going to the meeting tomorrow. Ive been blogging a lot about what I eat, but losing weight is the main topic of this blog. I think this week went better than last week and I’m hoping for an ok loss. Ive been consistently hitting about 10lbs each month but would love to move faster. Damn weight loss take forever! Can I just be skinny already? No? Damn! I spend a lot of time thinking about things I want to do, things I want to be when I’m thinner, here is just a little dream list:



1. Where shorts and high heels. Yes I know it will probably be WAY out of style by the time Im skinny, but I still want to do it! That shit makes your legs look a million miles long, and lets be real here people, its pretty damn sexy!


2. Shop at Anthropologie! Ther clothes are adorable and natural and earthy…and TINY! Oh and really expensive!

3. Sport short hair (like a really cute bob, or maybe a Kate Gosselin…err…maybe not.)

4. Wear a sexy instead of funny or scary Halloween costume!

5. THREE WORDS: Knee High Boots!

6. Have a cute portrait taken of Mr. Gaunt and I.


7. Try on ungodly expensive wedding dresses.

8. Run a marathon.

9. Have petite fingers that look good wearing rings.

10. Go clubbing and get hit on…a bunch!

Ha! So my list is pretty superficial, but hey that’s what dreams are for! Whats on your list? Oh and wish me luck for tomorrows weigh in!

2 thoughts on “Weigh in Tomorrow!

  1. I loved your post! Congrats on your weight loss do far! This “Damn weight loss take forever! Can I just be skinny already? No? Damn!” had me laughing so hard. I can so relate to that. I have 50 more pounds to loose and its a good day when I’m not ready to toss the scale out the window. I wish you the best in reaching your goals!

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