Summer Pasta Salad

Was inspired by Erin to make a pasta salad for our small dinner party last night. It turned out pretty good, kinda kid food if you ask me, but my mom makes the best pasta salad with marinated artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes (drool) but this one even please Mr. Gaunt and Pro (who says: “Pasta Salad is everything I hate about food) so yay for people eating it! Its pretty easy too:

First you want to boil a pasta of choice, then cut up Zucchini and yellow squash and a sausage of choice (we used turkey, you could also do veggie sausage).  Spread evenly on a pan and brush with olive oil and season (salt, pepper, whateva).

Broil (at 500) for 20 minutes, sausage should look crispy and veggies a little browned.

Then toss with drained pasta, add FF Italian and chill! Ready to serve in about an hour!






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