Vegan French Toast


Ive made french toast a few other times using a WW method that you can see here, but today at the Farmers Market I bought the most amazing looking whole wheat bread that I just had to try right away! Also because I’m not really eating eggs or milk I needed another substitute for the liquid you dip the bread in. After searching for a while I found this recipe using banana’s blended with soy milk and cinnamon and because I’m a bad banana eater I always have some over ripe bananas that I throw in my freezer, so I just nuked that for a minute to get it soft and blended it up.


The french toast turned out AMAZING!!! I can not recommend this recipe enough (unless you hate all french toast) cooking wise I was worried at first that because I cut the bread a little thicker that it wouldn’t cook all the way through, but it did. Also the bananas tend to cook a little dark so it looked like it was burning but it didn’t taste like it. You could probably even eat this without syrup because the bananas and cinnamon give it a really nice sweet taste. Anyways go try it, I think kids would love it too!

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