Product Review: Morningstar Riblets

Mr. Gaunt is making a guest appearance to review the Morningstar Riblets:



I love ribs. Love ’em. Being a WW devotee, I don’t often have the chance to indulge my carnal desires for this sweet meat. When my lady and I saw these “ribs” at the store, I immediately grabbed them up, mouth salivating at the scrumptios looking rib shaped patty on the cover, drowning in BBQ sauce.  I enjoy most Morningstar products, save for the Spicy Asian “Burgers” (water chestnut…gross), so I had high hopes. They don’t dissapoint. While these puppies were grilling….er, microwaving, the air was filled with wonderful aeromatics, so by the time they cooled and got slapped between 2 slices of WW friendly bread, I was drooling. For most fake meat proucts, the flavor may be close, but they never seem to get the texture right. If I hadn’t seen the box, I would of sworn I was eating a McRib. The taste and consistency were spot on, and it even looked like real meat. Even the sauce had top shelf flavor. In my opinion, this may very well be the best of all pretend pork products I’ve ever tried. I devoured it as quickly as it came, and can already forsee the cravings coming on.  I can’t reccomend this enough. CHOMP!

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