Cause I take pictures of my meals!

I decided I really need some new dishes. My current ones are a hodge podge of cheap-o clearance stuff and Goodwill bargains. I actually LOVE my current set of plates that I bought for 75 cents a piece at Savers, they are SO sturdy that I have never broken one in the 2 years Ive owned them, and we have like eight of them which is nice. They are also funny and retro, pleasantly named Royal Doulton “Summer Days”…aww too cute!


The rest are all plastic and cheap and gross! Its one of those things that I would love to register for when I get married, although who knows when that will be! The real reason I want to get new ones is because I take so many pictures of my meals that I kind of need a good background, and the “Summer Days” kind of take center stage when shooting food. Here are some examples of good dishes to take pictures of:

It appears white, glass, blue, pastel colors show food the nicest. I really think Im gonna hit up Savers at some point and revamp my dishes. Throw away anything that Ive had since I first moved out five years ago! just so my pictures look nicer.

Oh and PS all those BEAUTIFUL pics of food are via

3 thoughts on “Cause I take pictures of my meals!

  1. Oh my gosh, I was just there (I know I know) and picked out those EXACT dishes! I didnt buy them yet but your comments might have locked it down!

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