EATure TWO: hawaiian papaya

Ok so on my mission to try new fruits and vegetables, I recently bought a Hawaiian Papaya at Sunflower Market. It looks like a mango kind of which I’m not a big fan of because they taste like perfume, but a few years ago in Mexico I remember having Papaya for breakfast at our hotel and loving it.


Well review on this one is…meh. I didn’t love it, its like a mango in that its soft and very sweet. You also have to peel it with a knife which takes forever and you lose a lot of fruit. After reading more about it, mine might have been at its peak ripe-niss and they suggest chilling it before eating which I didn’t do.


I ate a few bites of it and then threw it into the freezer in a Ziploc, I think it will be yummy in smoothies later, or even Popsicles. Tonight I PROMISE the eggplant will be made, in fact I think I might make it for lunch (I prefer to make stuff while the light is still good to take pictures.

In weight Loss news I overslept and missed my WW meeting yesterday. Which is kind of ok with me because I really didn’t lose a pound. This week I’m gonna bum up my fitness and work hard on tracking my points. I’m hoping I can lose three pounds this week. Mr. Gaunt and I are planning a little trip here this weekend with some possible camping so maybe we can get in a little hiking.

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