Summer Concert: Kings of Leon

Mr.Gaunt, Pro and I went to see Kings of Leon last night at Red Rocks. Im not a huge concert lover, I think the crowds often get drunk and rude and there’s a lot of pushing and standing and not being able to see, Im just not that kind of girl. I like a semi-comfortable seat where I can set my purse on the floor and not have to worry about it being soaked in beer. I also am the kind of person who finds it hard to spend $10 on a movie let alone $55 to see a concert. I do have to say tough that Red Rocks is probably the best place I have ever seen a concert (and although I kind of hate them I have been to a fair amount) and I wish my mom and brother could come see a show here because its pretty breathtaking. Last night we even had a lighting show going on over the city as a backdrop to the stage which was bad ass. Anyways all in all I only had a mild breakdown, and enjoyed the rest of the show.







In weight loss news Pro and I hung out all weekend and although I stuck strong to my vegetarian diet, we did have margaritas, and a fair amount of carbs…uggg. Today I feel fat, and hey what do you know the scale feels that way too! Damn you alcohol! So irritating, I knew it would make me gain! So tomorrow I will either see a very pathetic loss or a mild gain, which is ok because I did have a large 6.6lb loss last week, but still…grrr…that will show me to drink any alcohol! I need to stand strong with my eating choices! Tomorrow I have a job interview at Costco and I have nothing to wear. I haven’t bought any dress clothes since I started losing weight so nothing fits. I’m gonna hit up Old Navy today and maybe see if I can find some slacks. Ok I’m done blabbing.

4 thoughts on “Summer Concert: Kings of Leon

  1. Hey I have that exact same shirt that you are wearing, only mine is navy blue! Love it, and it looks great on you!

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