Veg Update


So about my vegetarian lifestyle…well…things are going ok, not perfect, but ok. I have done stellar at not eating red meat, turkey, eggs or pork, but have had chicken and fish a little bit. I knew it would be kind of difficult to quit cold turkey, and Im proud of how well I have done so far, I even went out for breakfast and just had one waffle and a fruit bowl…not ordering my beloved breakfast sausage.  I felt a little worried about consuming too much soy though, and I do eat a fair amount of fake meats (veggi chickn burgers, soy milk, veggie sausage patties, soy yogurt) does anyone who’s been a vegetarian for a while know much about how much soy one should eat, and how bad it is if you have too much? I bought a Spaghetti squash and an eggplant that I plan on making this weekend with a little spaghetti sauce and Almond Cheese (which by the way is really yummy!). So anyways I figure you do a little at a time, Ive been great cutting out the coffee and alcohol too (well minor lie cause I was craving a vanilla latte the other day so I had one) and Ive cut out a ton of the diet snack foods with artificial sweeteners and I bought Stevia to replace my Sweet in Low in iced tea! I have also been eating a small handful of raw almonds once a day with is good for yah.

I also wanted to say thanks for all the sweet words of support and wisdom from my readers. I love the comments and information you have all been giving me, and will take any advice you have on the subject!   XOXO morgan

2 thoughts on “Veg Update

  1. Skinny Bitch (and other sources) say that 1-2 servings of soy or soy based products per day is a good amount. I struggle with this soy issue as well, a lot of people say the estrogen in soy is causing women problems, so don’t go soy crazy, but 1-2 servings is a-ok. 🙂

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