A little Flustered and Obsessed

Im feeling overwhelmed with my body right now. Im so focused on losing weight right now I feel like its all I can think about, I think about every meal, grocery shopping, working out all day long. I think about how much Ive eaten and freak out if I dont have a shit right away, I weigh myself over and over. But Im lost a little, I feel like I want to be healthy and natural, I want to be someone who looks at food as fuel and not as pleasure.  Its really hard though, if not just for will power but also dealing with friends and family who don’t understand why you don’t want to eat meat and cheese, alcohol, coffee etc. Im also getting so many mixed messages about how I should be eating, Weight Watchers is all about portion control and convince with of course a healthy lean, but they focus a lot on diet foods which often have lots of chemical artificial ingredients. And then I read Skinny Bitch which basically says don’t put ANYTHING in your mouth unless you grew it and pulled it out of the ground yourself! So where do I fit in? How do I find my eating plan? And whats the most important thing, being healthy, losing weight (yeah I think this one) being organic and natural?  I havent been sleeping well so Im gonna try to go lay down…tomorrows another day.

2 thoughts on “A little Flustered and Obsessed

  1. Morgo,

    I know what you mean. Sometimes when you start something new, it tends to consume you and it’s all you can think about… haha kinda like dating somebody new. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, but Jill might tell you differently. Because SOME people CAN eat whatever they want without measuring and such, if we do that it seems neurotic, but in the long run we know it’s beneficial and that it works. As long as you don’t go all anorexic… because that is not a SUSTAINABLE weight loss strategy. (huh, maybe I can incorporate sustainability and weight loss in a book or something… hehe).

    As for offending people, I’ve had 3 + years of having to defend why I’m a vegetarian and not eat food people make, and it sucks… (ha, even you pitched me some shit for this “lifestyle”) but like Skinny Bitch says, don’t make others feel bad about their choices, and they shouldn’t make you feel bad… just tell them your health concerns and how much weight you’ve loss and they’ll see why it’s important!

    Something from skinny beyotch that really stuck with me is thinking about WHY we are trying to lose weight. I know that a huge reason is to LOOK good, I mean, I’m not too proud to say that I wanna look bangin’… haha, but I’m also doing it because I want to BE healthy. I want to be fit and be able to keep up with Jill on a bike ride and I want to WANT TO go for a walk or jog or do something physical. I want to feel good and not have sugar highs or lows, I want to not CRAVE anything. If I have kids, I want to be around for a long, long time. Skinny Bitch was talking about how important is is to think of your body in the holistic sense, to not only think about what you put IN it, but also what you put ON it and around it. So a huge goal of mine is to use natural beauty products as soon as I’ve used up what I currently have.

    So in my opinion, ha I know how much that really matters to most, I really think you should try to do the WW program as naturally as possible. Really think about ingredients and how they will effect you immediately but also down the road. What’s the point of being thin if your insides are wrecked and full of crap and give you a heart attack or cancer? All of the crap in our food can do these things if we don’t take precautions to minimize this.

    This is a huge goal for myself, to become more natural, organic, active… and sub-sequentially maybe thin. I am excited for you to continue to share your journey on this here blog!! 🙂

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