Happy 90 Days to Me!


Today is August 4th which is exactly 90 days since I joined Weight Watchers and started my weight loss journey. Pro and I went to the 9:30 meeting this morning followed by breakfast, makeup shopping and a movie! Happy Day!

Oh yeah back to my weigh-in. I already knew Id had a pretty good week, like I said last week when I got back from my vacation I had lost half a pound but decided to pass on the meeting to give myself some time to climb back on the wagon.  But with the start of my more Veggie lifestyle definitely seemed to boost my…er…metabolism? Who knows what happened  but my 90 days topped off at ….

wait for it…

6.6 lbs!!!!!!!!

woohoo woohoo!

That brings me to a total of 34.4lbs! Lets call it 35 cause I wore jeans to my weigh in…ha! But yeah 35lbs in 3 months, thats more than 10lbs a month! At this rate Ill be at my goal faster than I thought which is awesome.  I guess Id say the only frustrating thing is all the clothing I bough a month ago is getting pretty baggy. I wonder what other people losing weight do, you cant possibly buy new pants every month! Oh well its a price Im ok with paying at this point.

2 thoughts on “Happy 90 Days to Me!

  1. Congrats on the weight loss! That’s so great, I wish you the best on reaching your goals. I’ve lost 80 pounds, and I suggest wearing the pants till they are falling off, then donate them. Clothes shopping does get expensive when loosing weight. I came across your blog through wordpress tag surfer. if you want to check out my weight loss blog. I’m notathingirl.wordpress.com

    • thats awesome! Yeah I definately think im gonna wear them till I cant anymore. Im gonna check out your blog now!

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