Caprese Salad and Going Veg

We helped Pro move today in the blazing heat, we worked up quite an appetite so Pro’s mom made some delicious fruit salad, corn on the cob and grilled chicken. Im 100% set on no red meat, pork, or milk. But the chicken, yogurt and cheese thing is defiantly more of a challenge. Yesterday I skipped the BBQ at the pool and waited a few extra hours to go home and make a veggie burger. Today though I was hungry and we had packed and unpacked a ton of boxes and there was just no way fruit was gonna fill e up. So I picked the smallest piece on the plate and ate it with my salad and corn. It tough not to beat yourself up, but Ive always been someone who hates to disrespect a host or make them uncomfortable with my needs. Id hate to say no to Pro’s mom when she spent time cooking us food and had no idea that I prefer not to eat meat. Not to mention I have been in the ‘host’ position for my vegetarian friends and it sucks when you have nothing to feed them, or you they just have to eat pasta and salad. My choices are my choices and I don’t want to put anyone out because of it. If I chose not to buy or cook meat at home that’s great, but if I’m at a dinner party where chicken or fish is being served I feel comfortable eating a small amount. Anyways moving on…


In YUMMY CHEESE NEWS (ha!) we made Caprese salad for dinner the perfect hot summer dinner. I totally suggest you try it:

  • 2 large red or yellow tomatoes, sliced
  • Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, drained, sliced
  • 1 bunch fresh basil leaves
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons red wine or balsamic vinegar
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper

5 thoughts on “Caprese Salad and Going Veg

  1. It also works great as an appetizer/finger food for a party – use thin bamboo skewers and put one cherry tomato, one basil leaf and one mozzarella ball on each skewer and after arranging them on a platter, sprinkle the whole thing with the dressing.

  2. i love it, except for the basil, i’m not a big fan. i like to make a green salad w/tomato and blue cheese and cilantro. sooo good! (same dressing as caprese)

  3. I have to snicker that after all the shit you gave all us veggies, you now see how healthy and awesome it is, ha ha ha. And I hope I never made you feel put out by not eating meat, imagine how horrible it was when I met aaron’s grandparents and he thought his mom had told them I was veggie (which she did not) so they had prepared a hearty beef stew for lunch. Awkward much? yeah.

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