Food Review #1 – Morningstar Farms Meal Starters

For my first food review I decided to do….

Morningstar Farms – Meal Starters


ServeImageThis is a Vegetarian (not vegan) ground beef substitute for tings like spaghetti, chili, and tacos! Tonight we tried it in just basic spaghetti. I added lots of onions and then some regular low fat pasta sauce with whole wheat pasta. They obviously cook  a little different than regular ground beef because its not all fatty and doesn’t secrete its own juices like beef, so watch it so it doesn’t burn. It was a pretty quick cooker, about 10 minutes per instructions. Taste wise its definitely NOT the same as ground beef so dont be shocked, its more bland and less greasy tasting. Mr. Gaunt however thought it was delicious and raved about it, which is good because he is kinda picky about diet like foods. I think personally I would not bother and just do more veggies instead but J loves “meat” and I think he would prefer this as opposed to just veggies. Id really like to add some taco seasoning to it and try that.

The biggest issue I have with these is the price, there almost $7.00 for a smaller package. Over on The WW Chick she did a post on how to make your own out of TVP, and I think if I find a few more recipes that I can use it in I might try it.

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