Tonight I actually ate Tofu.

True story people!


That j and I decided to get some Thai food (because we were starving and it was 7pm and I had only had 5 points for the day) at out favorite Thai place in Littleton, Wild Ginger. Last night I had read about half of Skinny Bitch and then Mr. Gaunt read some of it this afternoon. Ive been slowly creeping towards eliminating meat and dairy and I feel like this book is a great motivator. So tonight we got Pad Thai with Tofu, which is pretty yummy even if its texture is a we bit creepy.

Vegan food Pyramid

Vegan food Pyramid

We spent dinner talking about things we could cut out of our diet to get healthier, some things we discussed:

-Diet Soda – I gave up pop for the new year and don’t touch the stuff, but Mr. Gaunt drinks two Diet Mt. Dews a day. We talked about other options for him to drink that don’t include chemical sugars.

-Red Meat – Chicken is gonna be harder to completely eliminate, but BUH BY RED MEAT! No more, its gross and clogs you up and makes you constipated and fat. No more ever again!

-Chicken and Fish – I’m personally going to try my hardest to avoid these items but am not going to completely stop eating them. I think I will try to go organic, but Mr. Gaunt is NOT willing to stop eating meat at this time so I’m just going to slowly add in more fake meat and less real. Oh and I LOVE sushi!

-Alcohol – I can guarantee if I get drunk I will gain weight. Its one of the few items Ive noticed will always make me see a gain on the scale. Not to mention is expensive, makes digestion harder, and makes you bloated and hung over. EWW! So I’m going to stick to only low Sulfite Red Wine and only drink it in moderation. No more cocktails, no beer, no drunk.

-Dairy- This one is also a little harder (especially for Mr. Gaunt) Ive decided to avoid cheese as a major meal item (like cheese ravioli, grilled cheese, cheese on sandwiches, cheese fries) but am going to allow a little Parmesan on salads and pastas. I’m also DONE WITH MILK! Gross no more, Im goign to buy my first carton of soy milk this weekend, any suggestions? I haven’t decided on eggs yet, they are just great protein in the mornings, but I am going to try other things like bean breakfast burritos. Yogurt is another one I love, I need to check out Vegan yogurts.

– Sugars- This one is a little irritating, I’m not a big fan of scanning ingredients, nor do I know what half of them even say. But none the less I’m going to try to reduce High Fructose Corn Syrup and Artificial and White Sugars. Hello Stevia!


So in conclusion I’m going to keep putting along and Ill let you know how things are working. Oh and I encourage everyone who wants to change their eating to read Skinny Bitch!

7 thoughts on “Tonight I actually ate Tofu.

  1. Congrats! I’m sure you’ll notice the (positive) differences in no time! Soy milk wise I personally love So Nice- unsweetened (the carton is purple), its light, not too sweet and is neutral enough for just about anything!

    There are also numerous “soyogurt” (olympic is half decent) brands out there though I’m not gonna lie, its hard to really reach true “yogurty goodness”…and dairy wise there also numbers of dairy free cheeses!

    A great vegan book (thats suits what your doing and has delicious simple recipes) is La Dolce Vegan by Sarah Kramer…it is my bible and has great tips on eliminating dairy and meat and on helping you stick to it!

    Once again congrats on your decision! keep blogging! 😀

  2. Tofu is yummy!! Well okay, it doesnt taste like anything, but it does soak up the flavor of whatever you cook it with, heh.

    I like this list. I’ve been trying something similar and the two I’m having a really hard time with are giving up cheese and alcohol. I could pretty much live on good cheese and beer. Sadness. I like vanilla Silk soy milk, and Mountain High vanilla yogurt, but I’m looking for lower sugar alternatives that still taste good, so keep us posted if you find some you like! Sorry for the super long comment- this post just really spoke to me!!

    • Thanks for the advice on yogurt, Im gonna try some because I do a lot of yogurt/cereal/fruit mixtures in the morning that Id hate to give up.

  3. Dude, you should really call me with questions like this, I have been eating weird hippie food for years (actually I think you did call me one time…not the point) anyway, as far as soy milk goes, you will prob like vanilla better at first cause it is a very different flavor to adjust to, and not something I ever just have a glass of (unless I am like, eating a brownie, which you don’t do anyway), but after awhile I ditched the vanilla and stuck with plain cause you can cook with it. It works just like milk in recipes. Aaron doesn’t even buy milk anymore, he just uses the soy, it’s super good on cereal. A soy yogurt I like is brown & co brand, i think it only comes in individual servings (not larger containers) but I think it tates pretty good on it’s own and is really good in smoothies. You should also try almond cheese which is a good cheese sub (soy cheese is disgusting) and I’ve also heard good things about rice cheese but haven’t tried it yet. I am also trying to eat less dairy, which is hard working at the stupid og with all it’s cheesy dishes. And this concludes this really long comment.

    • I did get almond cheese and I Love it! I also got vanilla soy which I like, I dont cook that many things that require milk, but its good to know that it can be easily substituted. Have you worried much about too much soy? Ive read mixed reviews about how much soy one should eat????

      • I have never had any problems with soy, from what I understand unless you are on certain medications that it can counteract it’s fine, but I don’t eat too many meat substitutes, I usually eat beans for my protein (and of course tofu).

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