Im Back!

Got back late last night from my vacation. Washington was wonderful (except the ridiculous 95 degree weather!) my mom was wonderful, friends were wonderful, wedding was wonderful..loved it. Now of course I have to get back to real life and get a job…ha!  The weather here is chilly and overcast and I love it, Ive been thinking about fall all week and am so excited for it! for someone who HATES hot weather Ive done pretty well this summer, but I still look forward to the chill and sweaters…mmm.

In Weight Watchers news, the week went…eh…pretty well. It defiantly could have been better, but it also could have been worse. I made two lists so you can see the pros and cons of my WW on vacation week:


-Went 4 days to water aerobics (1 hour) with my mom. Learned lots of great moves that I can try in my own pool!

-Walked all around downtown and never once borrowed my moms car. We even took a 2.5mile walk along the water, in 90 degree weather that was hard.

-Went to the grocery store on day one and bought breakfast supplies. Managed to make a healthy breakfast every morning including Egg Beaters, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, FF Yogurt, Morning Star sausages, and of course Fiber one bars!

-Ate lots of fruit: Raspberries, watermelon, strawberries

-Made yummy salsa and fish taco salads with mom….yum!

-Watched my portion control leaving most plates with a little food left on them

-Sticking to only one piece of wedding cake! HA!

-Avoided major alcohol intake. Still had some, but not tons.

-Drank Fat Free Lattes

-Avoided a delicious,…but dreaded…giant potato burrito at Casa Que Pasa

-hugged puppies!


-Drank WAAAAY too much coffee! Ugg Tummy ache

-Ate Pizza (it was a Northwest pizza with smoked salmon and pesto and it was AMAZING and I only ate half of the personal pizza and took the rest home)

-Had a mini Cupcake and Italian Soda on our walk (hey at least it wasnt a JUMBO and we were walking it off!)

-At till I was FULL full a few times. Need to stop when Im satisfied!

-No point counting

-Had one major self esteem breakdown when putting on my dress. I need to stay positive with my weight loss and be proud of what I have lost and know that Im not done.

Although I ate more than I usually do I really didnt feel like I had packed on the pounds, but was still nervous to step on the scale this morning….eek…HALF A POUND LOST! NICE! Its not any great loss but its not a gain! Yipee! Im gonna skip this weeks meeting though just to get myself back on track and reacquainted with my wii fit.

Ill post some more pics later but I wanted to do a little comparison shot. The first pic is from Dane and Dana’s wedding at the end of may I think I was around a 10lb loss here and the bottom one is from Manda’s wedding at a 28lb loss.


Me & Pro July 2009

3 thoughts on “Im Back!

  1. you really did look great, it was so good seeing you! i hope you save up the $$$ soon so you can come back permanently!

  2. WOW Morgan! You look absolutely fantastic — don’t worry about the self esteem breakdown, those seem to be inevitable during one’s weight loss journey. Your before and after pictures really show a distinct change and you should be really, really proud of yourself! You go girl! xo

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