Another Goal Met!

yay-773135.jpgWell its July 20th! If you look at my goals today I had hoped to loose 27lbs, so even though I’m getting ready to leave tonight for Washington I made a quick trip up to Westminster for my meeting and weigh in….the results….?

27.8 lbs lost!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo Woo hoo! (=

So pleased with myself and now I’m going to have a GREAT vacation!

And if you need some motivation while I’m gone Im not a fan of Miss. Cirus but this song always motivates me in my weight loss. And Ill be back in a week with pictures galore!

One thought on “Another Goal Met!

  1. hey girl, hey! it was so great to see you this weekend! you are looking bangin’!! you also seemed really happy, which was excellent as well! hope to see you at the end of sept in denver! love ya and keep up the great work, you literally are my inspiration!!

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