Hello Again Old Friends

About a month ago I went through all my clothing (for a girl that bitches that she cant fit into anything I sure have a shit ton of clothing) and sorted it into piles:

1.THROW AWAYanything that was ripped, stained, ugly, too big, stretched out, pilly, or anything Id seen pictures of myself in that made me want to gag!

2.GIVE AWAY – stuff that I just never wore, you know when you run out of clean clothes and those items are STILL hanging in your closet.

3.SKINNY CLOTHES – these consisted of clothing Ive had for 2+ years that havent fit. Pants from when I first became a kitchen designer, skirts and dresses (that I love!) from highschool, etc.

4. KEEP – these went back into the closet.

Anyways I talked earlier about going shopping for new stuff for my upcoming (THREE DAYS!) trip to Washington. I bought jeans in a smaller size that felt maybe a smidge tight, and now even the morning after washing fit PERFECT if not a smidge loose. So this morning I stepped on the scale (naked…cause thats the best weight (= ) and the scale said I was down THIRTY ONE POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! Now of course on monday when I go in for my weigh in it probably wont say 31lb loss because I will be wearing clothing and because it would seem a little crazy to lose 5lbs in a week. But anyways I got so excited that I reached under my bed (where they are out of sight) and pulled out all my skinny clothes and tried them on (insert holding breath while praying they zip) and they FIT! Well they fit as good as they did two years ago! I still have one dress (my New York dress I bought right after I graduated from high school that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!) well that one is still too small, but we are getting closer! And even though it kind of sucks that the new clothes I just bought may not fit very well in a month or two, thats a price I am willing to pay! I would love to be back to the size I was my junior year in high school by this coming winter, I got a little ways to go. The picture below is taken Summer 2003 right after I bought the NY dress Im wearing….le sigh. Soon enough, Im still very proud of myself.

Me in my NY dress July 03

Me in my NY dress July 03

me July 02...check out them knockers...ha!

me July 02...check out them knockers...ha!

my 17th birthday September 02

my 17th birthday September 02

Junior year 02 probably my thinnest

Junior year 02 probably my thinnest

One thought on “Hello Again Old Friends

  1. Know that I have been following your journey at every breaking point. I am so proud of you, and seem so motivated and happy! After I finish my little rant zine I want to start on a project about body image I have wanted to do for years and would love your input and writings about your experience. Have fun in Bellingham!!!

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