Dress Shopping Breakdowns.

Pro and I went dress shopping yesterday for my friend Manda’s wedding next weekend in Washington. I wanted something really cute and special because Im getting married I haven’t been back in almost a year and Ive been trying so so so hard to loose almost 30lbs! Yah know so I just wanted to make a good impression and not wear something boring or blah.


We went to Cherry Creek mall at about 11am, and was there until about three! God I must have tried on 35 dresses, it sucked. I mean its hard to find the right size and fit for my body because I’m not a size 5, or a 10 for that matter…ha!  I kept trying on dresses 3 sizes smaller than I wear just (fingers crossed) hoping I would fit into them…nope. My body is kind of a weird shape though, I have broad shoulders medium boobs, a smaller waist (especially now because that’s ALWAYS where I lose weight first) and HUGE hips and thighs. I wear shirts at least 2 sizes smaller than pants because I’m just so hourglass-y. So depending on the style of dress I can often fit into something a size or two smaller. Anything that bells out at the bottom to give room for my hips works well. So in the end just as we were going to give up and go somewhere else I found a dress that I LOVED! It was originally like $200, on clearance for $135 plus another 20% off. So at $109 it was a smidge more than I wanted to spend (hoping more like under $75) but it was important to me and I thinks its an awesome dress as opposed to spending $75 on a dress I just settled on. So Im a happy camper. Oh and the dress is sort of Charlotte York style…soooo pleasing.

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