Gettin Fit….Wii Fit!


Well Mr. Gaunt got me a little tipsy while we wondered downtown Littleton’s block party today and then took me to Sam’s Club to buy a Wii. Ha! Ive wanted one since they came out but never felt I could bring myself to spend $250 on a Video Game thing. Well since the Wii Fit has come out it finally gave me that excuse to spend the money, plus we sold our business and therefore had a bit of extra cash.

Anyways I’m really hoping that I like the Wii Fit enough that I can cancel my 24 Fitness membership (which would pay for the wii in less than a year anyways) because I kind of hate the gym, and the idea of working out at home sounds so nice. The Wii Fit has fun games (ski jump, tight rope, etc) but also has some great running workouts and Hula Hooping! Which both wear you out! It also has yoga which I have wanted to do for years now.

Ill take some pics this week to show you and let you know how it goes!

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