BODY+SOUL (natural beauty products)

Is my new favorite magazine (next to Weight Watchers and Marie Claire) which I started reading a couple months ago. Its a Martha Stewart publication and its full of organic natural tips for your every day life…er…kind of.


See in my secret fantasies I hope to one day be wealthy enough to actually go all organic/green/natural, to sew my children’s clothing (speaking of check out this blog) make my own bread, grow my own vegetables. Today however I live in an apartment with no garden, and my budget is NOT Whole Foods Friendly (even if I do allow myself $30 a month to spend there). I also love the idea of home made and organic cleaning supplies and medicines, as well as a diet full of organic fruits and veggies!


Reading this months Body+Soul I found a few beauty products that really struck my fancy.

1. Natural Mascara – I LOVE the idea of this! Mascara often irritates my eyes, as well as having an almost paint like smell. I would even be willing to take a slightly less effective mascara if it was natural, I mean come on who wants to be putting toxins on their EYES?! Anyways here’s the problem: the magazine reviewed 4 different brands all ranging in price from $22-$30! Really? $30 for mascara? Im a $10 mascara kind of gal…even when I’m splurging its for the $20 tube of Clinique. I did a bit of research online and found these:

Honeybee Garden’s Makes a $10 tube

Physicians Formula Makes a $9.95 tube

SunCoat – Makes a $14.99 tube (vegan made from sugar)

Cosmetic Kitchen – Makes a $16.70 tube (Sensitive eye vegan formula)

So there ARE options out there. I really think Im gonna try the physicians formula (mostly because I can buy it in stores and not order it). In fact the entire idea of natural cosmetics is appealing. Ill let you know what I get and what I like. Any recommendations would be great too.

2. Organic Nail Polish Remover: They listed one for $22! Seeing as my bottle cost about ONE dollar, thats about $21 more than I have ever spent on a nail polish remover. So again me and google got together and here’s what we found (not cheap, but better):

SunCoat – Natural nail polish remover $6-$10

Sante’s Cosmetics – Natural Nail Polish Remover -$9.00

Also did you know Sephora has a whole section for natural cosmetics? Pretty sweet! Im excited to try some of this!



2 thoughts on “BODY+SOUL (natural beauty products)

  1. i got some physician’s formula eyeliner that is waterproof, but a pencil, and it was cheaper than the other brands, and works wonderfully! i think i’m going to eventually transition to their brand. also, i don’t want to post twice, but i want to make some of those braided strap tank tops, but you might have to help me! (if you lived in WA you could lead crafting sessions and we could have craft parties, fyi…)

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