Snacks I Heart

Because having good snacks around stop you from eating bad snacks. Here are this weeks favorites!

What Im LOVING this week:


Fiber One Chewy Bars in Oat and Chocolate – These are so yummy! I eat at least one every day, they are packed with fiber but also totally satisfy my need for sweet. I keep at least two in my purse at all times in case we get hungry when we are out and about, much better than chips or cookies. The fiber in them really help with digestion too, which is always a plus! At target they are around $4 for six, but at Sam’s Club you can get 24 for $6! Im gonna buy a bulk box for when I go to Washington to help keep me on track, and maybe turn my mom onto them as well.


-Emerald Nuts 100 Calorie Snack Packs in Natural Walnuts and Almonds – I am a big nut fan, but not slated nuts, salted nuts burn my lips and salt sucks. Anyways I use to buy the bulk tub of un-salted from Target but I would end up eating half the tub in one night….nuts are healthy right???? Well not if you eat a million! Even these 100 cal packs have 9 grams of fat! But its good fat (or so they tell me) anyways I love love love these! Just the right amount to satisfy my nut needs but not enough to feel guilty. We got ours at Target by the way, not super cheap but not bad for nuts.


-Little Debbie 100 Calorie Cakes in Chocolate – We have been big fans of the Weight Watchers cake (which are 1 point) which are pretty yummy for a little snack cake, the only problem is that they tend to run a little dry. Anyways I kept seeing the Little Debbie version (2 points) and when Wal Mart ran out of the WW version I decided to try these. I must say the reviews are in and these are way more delicious and moist. Worth trying for sure!

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