Post Traumatic Holiday Stress.

Mr. Gaunt and I Dancing on the 4th

Mr. Gaunt and I Dancing on the 4th

Our Fourth of July went pretty well considering its a holiday based mostly around err…food, and the BEST food as far as I’m concerned! A few of my Favorites:

-Potato Salad



-Fruit Salad

-Corn on the Cob (with butter PLEASE!)


Yes its true I’m a complete chip-oholic! But not all chips, just the nice fried ones. I don’t want any of those tortilla-baked-corn junk. Bring on the Sour Cream and Onion and Puffy Cheetos! HA! But I resisted and there were no chips placed in this here mouth on Saturday.

We were actually really lucky and went to Mr. Gaunt’s friends house who hapens to also be starving on Weight Watchers!  So he made sure everything was really WW friendly. Low point cheese and meats and crackers. Fruit salad and Veggie platters. NO CHIPS, COOKIES, OR MARGARITAS! We had grilled chicken and lean turkey burgers, and corn on the cob (no butter in sight). Oh and for dessert we had Angel Food Cake with berries and FF Cool Whip! It was really nice having a supportive host to work around are diet healthy way of life.

Working out continues to suck! I hate it everyday and would like to burn the gym down! But Im continuing to go (will be heading there in an hour) and trying to run my big fat ass off. Any motivational tips would be great! Im also thinking I need to start making the gym more fun, yoga, cannoning, jazzercise anyone?

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