Raising Vada: Thrifting Baby Clothes

details 2 Despite the streak of 75 degree weather we are having, Fall really is coming. I’m ready for fall, even though I know I will dearly miss the summer, the days already feel shorter. I’m ready for a change in events, a change in weather, something new to look forward to. Fall has long been a favorite season of mine. My birthday, my wedding anniversary, Halloween, Vada’s birthday, Mr. Gaunt’s birthday, and Thanksgiving ALL happen in the fall. Not to mention most of my best friends birthdays are in the fall too. So Fall is a good time in this household.


This past weekend I began to sort through Vada’s drawers, pulling the outgrown items out, putting away the sentimental pieces (For baby number two? For friends babies?), and selling off the things she wont wear again. We have held onto a few pairs of shorts and tank tops to get us through the coming weeks, but her drawers are already bursting with sweaters, long paints, tights and wool dresses just waiting for the leaves to fall, and the first frost.

detail 1

Vada is in 12/18 month size right now, I KNOW SHES ONLY 9 MONTHS OLD! So I’ve been slowly purchasing 18 month/2T winter stuff for a few weeks now. I love shopping for Vada’s clothes, it is pure stress relief for me. It is more relaxing and enjoyable than wine and Netflix. It is my absolute favorite thing to do right now, color me crazy. But I don’t shop new, oh hell no, its thrift stores all the way! It’s the only way I could afford to have a slight shopping addiction. With most items averaging $1-$3 I can afford to fill her drawers with awesome stuff. My mom always asks  “where did you get that” and 99% of the time the answer is Value Village. I have a lot of friends that don’t thrift shop, and that’s ok, it’s not for everyone, but if you are interested here some of my opinions on thrifting kids clothes:

Value Village is by far my favorite thrift store (In Colorado it’s called Savers, same company). There are a few reasons I love VV:

1. Its BRIGHT, SPACIOUS, and CLEAN (well as clean as a bunch of used clothes can be).

2. The racks are large, and rarely packed so full that you can’t flip through garments (I HATE THAT)

3. The prices are generally good, and they rarely jack up prices because of the brand.

4. I feel like the employees don’t even know what a good kids brand is, so often times Tea and Hanna Anderson are $1.99!

5. The HUNT! I love the hunt of digging through a bunch of trash to find a gem! I love it!

6. SALE DAYS. On Holidays it’s often 50% off all clothing. TAKE ALL MY MONEY! (join the Super Saver and get 50% the day before!)


Other than VV, I also like Goodwill, and then after that Ill check out the actual kids consignment stores. Kids consignment stores tend to be more expensive, have less selection, have been picked over, and don’t have those GEMS hidden amongst the trash. They know that they should price name brand kids clothes higher, and they do. They also tend to not take vintage clothing, or handmade stuff, and I buy a lot of handmade stuff at VV. Not that I don’t get some good stuff at kids consignment stores, because I do. I also consign some of Vada’s stuff too, so I have a little $$ to spend. Last week I needed a pink leotard in Vada’s size for her Halloween costume, it was much easier to hit up a kids consignment store that I knew had dance-wear, then to try to hunt VV for a few weeks to find one.  I also recently found a new consignment shop that seems to carry high-end kids clothing. While I like to hunt, sometimes its nice not to have to dig through a bunch of Granimals and Carters.

boy clothes

At any store I try to look through the entire section of her size, boys and girls. I kind of hate that they separate the boys and girls, because really we shop from both pretty evenly. I like girls leggings better, boys pants tend to be bulky and “cargo-pant” style, which I don’t love. I love boys sweaters and long sleeve shirts. We buy almost exclusively boys pajamas, they are way cooler! Boys prints tend to be dinosaurs, space/rockets, bugs, sharks/whales, frogs, nautical, and come in greens, blues, oranges, yellow, red. Girls stuff tends to be flowers, bunnies, cupcakes, and come in pink, purple, and more pink. I hate it. Good thing I don’t give a crap about my kid being called a boy. I always just say “Thanks!” whenever people compliment my little guy, no need to correct them.

brands 2

As for the brands of clothes, I definitely find myself selecting similar brands time and time again. I can also almost immediately detect a nicer item of clothing based on the print or fabric. There are an endless supply of good brands at thrift stores!

I keep my eyes peeled for:


-Hanna Anderson



-Tea Collection

-Old Navy

-Janie & Jack

-Crew Cuts

-Mini Boden

brands 1

On top of that I do buy lots of Carters and other kids basics brands too. But I find that better brands, make clothing that lasts longer. Not that she wears things that long, but she’s the second or third or fourth person to wear these items, and I will pass them on to another child, so it’s nice if they don’t fall apart. I’ve had a few items from Target and Crazy Eight that I bought new totally fall apart, but GAP clothes feel sturdy and last a long time in my opinion.


As for the style we go for, it’s all about the basics. I stock Vada up on lots of neutrals, and lots of fun modern prints. I avoid things that are way too childish (cartoons, silly sayings, and things that are too embellished with bows and ruffles that don’t wash well). I basically dress Vada in clothing I would wear, if I felt like I could wear whatever I wanted. Some people might think that you should let a kid dress like a kid, and I do, just not a tacky kid. (; I mix and match prints, and we layer a lot too with fun cardigans and longsleeves under t shirts. We dont do a ton of dresses and skirts because she’s still crawling a not walking, and they are a tripping hazzard. We’ve gotten some great coats this year too! North Face, Gap, and Lands End, we will be so nice and warm! Shoes on the other hand I like to buy new, kids destroy shoes!


So if you have kids and you haven’t thrifted, I say give it a try, its really great! Happy clothes hunting!



That First Summer

vadas first summerChildhood is built on holidays, vacations and summertime.  My fondest memories growing up almost always involve one of those three things, and when I dreamed of being a parent, summertime seemed magical. We are finishing up Vada’s very first summer, and man was it a good one. When she was born in November I remember being excited that she would be sitting up and crawling by summer, and how much fun we would have. This summer did not disappoint.

summer 9

summer 7

summer 4


-Celebrating our first 4th of July with a walk through Cornwall park, a visit to the Splash Pad, a BBQ, and an early bedtime so mom and dad could stand in front of our house and watch the fireworks go off.

-Swimming in our baby pool, at the Aquatic Center, in a bucket, and Lake Padden!

-Eating tons of peaches and fresh Raspberries from our yard, and so many blueberries!

-Going to the Elizabeth Park Concerts.

-Having Nana visit while mama and papa worked a big wedding.

-Lots of workouts at Continuous Motion

-Play dates at the FIG, Perch and Play, and Boulevard Park

-Front yard lounging on the big quilt.

-Bells Baseball games.

-First trip to the Fair

-Eating everywhere and everything!

-Spending afternoons at the restaurant.

-Happy hour with Grandmas at Jalapenos, Pepper Sisters and Rock N Rye.

-Trips to Semihamoo and Birch Bay to play in the sand.

-Eating Mallards ice cream and Fat Pie Pizza.

-So many walks to the park, to swing on the swings.

-Play dates with Avery, and Birthday parties with Lucas and Kendall, and BBQs with Katy and Charles.

-Visiting papa at work, and at weddings.

-Petting and kissing lots of dogs, and kitties, and even a turkey!

-Strolling around the Farmers market.

summer 1  summer 8

summer 5  summer 3

I know this is just the beginning of all the cool things we will get to do with Vada, but I’m a little sad her first summer is over, and that the days will be getting shorter and colder and darker. We are planning on staying busy this winter so we don’t get bored and depressed. We have a BIG FIRST BIRTHDAY coming up, and the holidays, plus music lessons, swim lessons, and play dates galore.

I feel so lucky that I’m getting to spend so much time with Vada these days. There are times when I am burnt out, annoyed and just want some relief, but mostly I am thankful for our lives and for my family. My 29th birthday is coming up on the 12th, my last year in my twenties, it flew by. I know this year is going to be extra challenging, and so full of emotions, being pulled in different directions. Work more? Work less? Working on budgets, and balancing time with Mr. Gaunt, with Vada, and with myself. Continuing to work towards self fulfillment, and comfort in motherhood. The never ending goal to be happy and content and to step back from frustrating situations and look at my life as a whole. To not let anxiety and guilt debilitate me, to stay positive. To cherish Vada’s youth, her memories, her life always. To continue to respect my husband, to hold his hand, to be his equal, and to settle more comfortably into our “with children” roles in this relationship. Let this fall bring warmth, joy, and excitement that will carry us through the winter with plentiful happiness.

summer 6

summer 2

Raising Vada: 9 Months in, 9 Months out.

IMG_3998I feel like the title of this post is only perpetuating the LIE that is being pregnant for 9 months, you’re not, you’re pregnant for 10 months, or 9.5 months, or 40 weeks. It’s all very confusing. And hell, if you go over due, you’re pregnant even longer.

Vada is now 9 months old!  I haven’t blogged much recently, because I worry it’s all a bit boring, but then I remember that this is MY journal, and that one day ill look back and say “hey look at that cool shit Vada was doing around 9 months” so without further rambling:



This could be two topics, hell, its gonna be two topics! First is Vada being on the move. She started crawling the night before her 8 month birthday. We got it on camera, and you can watch it here:

Adorable right! Similar to the video of her laughing for the first time, this crawling business made us ecstatic! We just think she is so smart and so freaking cool. BUT then we woke up from our parenting wet dream and realized that HOLY SHIT OUR BABY CRAWLS and gets into everything! Every electrical cord, garbage can, pile of papers, dirty shoes, everything. And it all goes in her mouth. Its disgusting. I feel like I can’t keep my house clean enough, and the worst part is, I now have even less time to keep it clean because I’m too busy chasing after her. So yeah, its adorable and all, but hell its challenging. Let me be clear though, in no way has this development stopped me from taking a shower and getting dressed every single day. MOTHERS OF THE WORLD! STOP USING YOUR CHILDREN AS AN EXCUSE TO NOT TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES!  (unless you have 3+ kids, in which case I’m shocked you are even still breathing). Vada also loves to stand up. She pulls up to everything, and has even started “cruising” around furniture. She also likes to downward dog a lot, I’m thinking we have about a month until she stands up alone, and maybe 2 months until she takes her first step. It wont hurt my feelings at all though if it takes longer. PLEASE be A 15 month walker! She also loves to climb, crawl under things like tunnels, and break through any possible barricade I make for her. Shes sneaky like that. We have also mastered stairs and most playground jungle gyms.

Second part of this moving topic is our house. The bigger that baby gets, the smaller this house feels. Just to remind you all, we live in a 2 bedroom 1 bath 936 sq feet home. And we love it, we really do. We live in about the best neighborhood in town, we feel safe, we have a pretty great private yard, and the character of the home is divine. But its way too small. So small. Teeny tiny. Our living room is also our office, playroom, and entryway. We have no closets, so our stroller lives in the living room too, and the sewing machine, and the computers, etc. Its all a bit much. I just really need one extra room and a little more storage. I need a place to pile all my tax stuff where Vada can’t get to it. I want her to have enough room to have a large safe play area. I want a dining room where we can’t eat meals as a family. Our current house is just not cutting it, but we don’t have the money to live in anything bigger. Mr. Gaunt and I have continued to live just below our means, and part of that is because we drive old cars we own outright, we rent a small house (that is honestly priced way below market), and we don’t have any debt. There are so many days that I am able to look past the problems and see our personal success, our sweet home, and our lovely lives. There are also days where I drown us in “I want more!” and I let everything become and excuse for “its not fair” its one of my biggest character flaws. I know. The only thing I can do now though, is plan for things I want, and look for the good in the things I have. I love our home, I do, but it is not our forever home, which we are planning for. I’ve got a 5 year plan, hopefully more like 3, for us to increase our income, build our credit (funny story, no debt often leads to no credit too) and find the home we really want and can afford.



Having a big baby (6+ months) is soooo much better than having a tiny baby. Despite the fact that I often act a little like this kid, when talking about Vada getting bigger, really it’s the bees knees, and I wouldn’t go back in time no matter what. BIG BABIES ARE BOMB. Now we can go places and Vada actually plays, like by herself, or with other kids! Its soooo cool. We have an indoor play place in town that we have started to frequent. They have a special area for 3 and under (although its more like 2 and under) and its filled with safe toys, books, furniture and benches for moms to sit on. It’s so fun to go and hang out and drink coffee (or wine!) with friends and let Vada crawl around, make a mess, and play for HOURS! Seriously, hours folks, its so great. ALL WE WANT FOR HER BIRTHDAY IS MEMBERSHIPS AND GIFT CARDS TO PLACES LIKE THIS FOR THE WINTER. Why buy toys to clutter my own living room when we can go somewhere fun with other kids and tons of toys and room!

As you can tell I’m already thinking about Vada’s birthday (November 12th), and boy do I have BIG plans. And for all you nay sayers who think “save your money, she wont remember it” well jokes on you because it’s not for her, it’s for me! Her party planning-loving mama! Its my party! If I were to list my top 5 superficial favorite things about being a mom, it would be this:

1. Decorating a Nursery

2. Dressing them

3. Baby Showers and Birthday Parties

4. Taking photos of them next to cats

5. Hanging out with other moms

See, doesn’t that all seem like a great time! So yeah, not doing a big birthday part was just out of the question! Ive got at least 10 years of big fun themed birthday parties (until she asks me to just drop her off at the mall with my credit card and her friends) so I’m not missing a single one! BIRTHDAYS FOREVER!

And in talking about how big Vada is, and since I didn’t do a baby book (aint nobody got time for that) here are some milestones we have met:

-At her 9 month visit she was 30.5″ tall and 22.66lbs! 95th percentile for everything.

-Dancing! Vada now rocks back fourth or shakes her booty when certain songs come on. She likes this song and this song the best. Check out her sweet dance moves here.

-FAST crawling

-Pulling up on everything, and quickly getting down. She also climbs everything.

-Some “cruising” along furniture.

-Downward dog (I’m thinking she’s getting ready to stand soon.

-2 teeth (and the top two are looking like they may show up this week)



-Shaking her head

-Responds to her name

-Open mouth kisses!

-Gets excited whenever she sees people she knows (mama, papa, grandma, nana, nanny)

-“talks” back when we talk to her

-Can mimic mouth noises (tongue clicking, whistling, etc)

-Eats all foods (except peanut butter and honey at one year) and can drink from a sippy cup, straw or bottle.

-Good pincer skills, and other fine motor skills. Likes to pick at tiny things on the floor.

-Much better at riding in the stroller since we upgraded to the BOB stroller and have been using it more. I also still wear her in the BOBA, but only on my front.

-Takes 1-2 hour naps once or twice a day

-Loves swimming. Will “jump” off the edge into our arms, and holds her breath when she goes under water.

-Loves to swing at the park and to yell at other kids.

-Has started to listen to me. She knows when I say NO, and she will sit still while I put her shirt on. She’s got great balance.


SAFE & CLEAN: or things my house is not.

Childproofing. We have done a very very small amount of childproofing. I have one of these on the cabinet under the kitchen sink so she doesn’t suck on a bottle of bleach, and we have a few of these in exposed outlets next to her toy basket. That’s about it, and honestly we probably wont do much more. I also bought one of these for our front door once she is big enough to reach the door knob. Last week I also broke down and bought this baby gate at Target. It was cheap and has a pretty easy arm to remove it. It’s not one of those annoying ones that falls to pieces when you remove it. I move it a lot, depending on what room I’m in, and what room I don’t want Vada in. If I’m in the kitchen, then I let her play in there, and block off the laundry room. If I’m in the living room I use it to block off the kitchen (and laundry room) and if we want the front door open, we use it to block that off. Downside is that Hula can’t jump over it, so it can’t stay up all the time or she can’t get to her litter box and food (in the laundry room). Overall though, I’m glad we got it, and I use it all day long. Otherwise I’ve started sweeping and steam mopping a lot more, so all of her pants aren’t dirty on the knees all the time. I’ve also just been slowly clearing out all the rooms of stuff she can get into. The livingroom lost a lamp, and the coffee table. The kitchen lost the little shelf I used for bills and printer paper, garbage cans all over the house have been moved on top of tables. Less clutter and less things for her to get into. And doors are closed more often now. It’s nice to keep things uncluttered, but its a full-time job keeping her alive…sheesh. If I had a bigger house (see above) we could have rooms that were baby-off-limit, as well as bigger areas that were just for her to play, someday. For now she likes to crawl all over the house, so the more space I can keep baby safe, the more time I get to do things like blog.



Vada is still breastfeeding twice a day, in the morning after I get her out of her crib, and usually at night in the rocking chair. She also drinks about 25-30 oz of formula a day. On top of that we have been pretty good at doing breakfast and lunch with her most days (We eat dinner after she goes to bed, so dinner for her). Her and I are often home alone in the morning, so I try to make a good breakfast and sit and eat with her. She likes eggs, green beans, blueberries, peaches, potatoes, grilled onions and peppers, yogurt, pretty much anything I’m eating. For lunch I usually give her whatever I am having: sliced turkey, sweet potato fries, olives, string cheese, pretty much anything. I actually love feeding Vada, she has such an open mind about food, and seems to love nearly everything. I can’t wait for her to have more teeth so we can do more vegetables that require chewing. I have no qualms about giving her interesting “adult food” like sushi or ribs, or soups, she gobbles them down! Mostly she feeds herself (except soup, yogurt, and the very occasional puree) and has a great pincer grasp and is so good at gum-chewing. A few fun foods we have tried:

-Sushi (Avocado Rolls & California Rolls)

-Coconut Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

-BBQ Ribs

-Roasted Eggplant


-Beans and Rice (Mexican and Creole style!)

-Pork Belly


-Bread soaked in clam sauce

-Eggs Galore (poached, fried, hardboiled, scrambled)

-Meat Loaf

-String Cheese

-Roasted Vegetables

-Goat Cheese, grilled onion Pizza

The list could go on and on. The only food she hated so far was homemade Kale chips lol! I want Vada to have  a love and appreciation for all good food, and to be willing to experiment and try new things. I know this could change, but so far, she’s a little baby foodie, and I love it!



Having a baby puts a lot of things on hold, and gives you a whole new set of stuff to do every day. I’ve stopped working a lot. I mean I still do a lot of little things for our restaurant (office stuff, taxes, bills, marketing, emails, ordering, and some cleaning and shopping), but I don’t work in the restaurant.  Mr. Gaunt got a new job, with longer hours, so I’m doing a lot more of the home stuff too. I have Vada go twice a week to a nanny right now so I can have a few hours a week of time to just get things done without her. Sometimes this is work specific, sometimes its home stuff. It’s nice though.

When Vada was born I had a lot of preconceived ideas about what I thought I wanted, what I would be able to do, and what would work for our family. I thought I would want to work more, I thought I would be able to do more with Vada, I thought things would be easier. But the truth is, I don’t want to work a lot, and I don’t want her in daycare full-time, and even if I did, my brain is full up right now. I’m on edge a lot when it comes to work, and problem solving, and feeling overwhelmed. A lot of these things made me feel desperate and depressed and anxious in the beginning. Now they make me feel angry and annoyed. My ability to multi task family and work stuff sucks. I’m hoping it gets better as Vada gets older, but only time will tell. I’m trying to accept it and to keep myself in check, but it’s always a struggle. I also have noticed that no matter what, unless you spend 90% of your day with a baby, you do NOT understand what it’s like, you just don’t. I’m not saying it’s bad, but the limitations with a baby are real, and other people may chose to have judgements about that, and I just have to remind myself that other peoples feelings are THEIRS and not mine. I know whats best for us.

Vada is on the peak of being able to do more big kid stuff like finger paints, reading books (we try to read to her, but it does not hold her attention and she just rips at the books) and actually playing with things (stacking blocks, pushing buttons, that stuff) so I think this winter will be lots of fun. I have a whole Pinterest board of toddler activities that I’m excited to start with her. Hopefully the “put everything in her mouth” thing will die down around 15 months.  We also plan to start swim lessons again in September, and we have signed up for a 10 week Mommy (and daddy) and ME Music class, which I am so excited about! I’m hoping to also get a membership to the children’s museum too.

The days of summer are coming to an end, and I genuinely feel sad. This has been such a fun and exciting summer for us, and for Vada. Getting to do all the fun summer activities with your kid, really makes things special, at least for me. This will be a summer to remember, really a year to remember, and I’m going to try to focus every day on living a good life and loving my family.

Happy 9 months you beautiful person!



The $250 Bathroom Remodel + 5 Reasons Why We Put Money Into Our Rental

Mr. Gaunt and I recently decided to do some upgrades to our bathroom. Which is tiny folks, 3′ x 7′ (not including the tub), but it was just gross, and it annoyed me, and I was sick of looking at the gross flooring, and sick of leaning against the ghetto pedestal sink that was all wobbly, and wasn’t even big enough to hold a soap dispenser! Mr. Gaunt has been doing a lot of wedding DJing this summer, so we had a little extra cash. We had wanted to take a vacation this fall, but because he also has a new job, and no time off, that wont be happening. So we decided to go ahead and upgrade our tiny bathroom. Even though we probably could have spent a little more, we decided to put a $200 budget on this project. Well, with a few surprises, and some upgraded shelves, the project came out to be closer to $250, which is still SO cheap for a bathroom reno. Cheap however, is still more than a lot of people are willing to put into their rental. People are always surprised that we don’t own our house, because we have put a fair amount of work into it. Some of the work we have been compensated for (like if something broke) and some things (like the washer and dryer we bought) will come with us when we leave. But there have been a lot of cosmetic changes that we were not reimbursed for, so I thought I would explain why we think its OK to invest in someone else’s home.


5 Reasons Why We Put Money Into Our Rental

1. WE WONT BE BUYING FOR A LONG TIME: This is obviously the biggie. We don’t plan to buy a home for AT LEAST 2-5 more years. We don’t have the money to afford what we want (20oo-ish Square Feet in Bellingham), so we have made our long-term home in this rental. We are super lucky that our landlords really don’t care what we do. We don’t even ask them before we paint, or do anything. When we moved in, this house was in bad shape, so we have only improved it! We also have a long-term verbal lease, basically my landlords called me one day and asked “so do you think you guys will be around for a while” and I said “yeah, until you let us buy this house” which was met with a “lol, ok good because there’s a line waiting for it if you ever leave”. So yeah, of course they could decide to be jerks and up and kick us out, but let’s be real here, we BOTH have a good thing going here. So the point is, yes, of course we would love to be fixing up our own home, but until then, we are cool with fixing up our temporary home. Also if we one day we did decide to buy this house (if our landlords let us) look how much work we have already done!

2. ITS AN INVESTMENT IN OUR QUALITY OF LIFE: Some people are savers and some people are spenders. Some people are planners and some people are do’ers. We don’t go on vacations very often, but we have no problem dropping a little money to fix up our yard, buy some new patio furniture, because home is our vacation. When we are home we like to relax and hang out and enjoy our time together. The nicer our home is, the happier we are. Painting every room, replacing appliances, and faucets, and building closets. Laying patios, and repairing grass, all of these things make our home that much more enjoyable. A vacation lasts a week at best, a nice home is there 365 days a year.

3. ITS GOOD PRACTICE: One day we will own a home (God willing) and we will have so much experience with DIY projects and budgeting! Things we have learned through trial and error in this home will help us fix up our future home even nicer. If we sat in this house for 5 years and never did a damn thing, why would we think we could up and buy a home and fix it up? When you are learning to drive you practice on your parents car, if we all waited until we had our OWN car to practice on, we would never learn. So this is our practice home.

4. KEEPS THE LANDLORD/TENANT RELATIONSHIP HAPPY: We have a sweet deal. We pay $250 less a month than market rental rate. In the 3.5 years we have lived here we have never had to sign a lease, and our landlords have never asked to come over. When we moved in they had all new windows put in, a new furnace, a new roof and the exterior painted, and a new driveway laid. Once a year they have an HVAC person come in and check the furnace and replace filters. We live in one of the best family neighborhoods in Bellingham, many people would be quick to swoop in and pay hundreds more a month to rent this place. We are also good to our landlords. We keep the yard mowed and have landscaped it. We pay our rent on time, we ask very little from them. We contacted our landlords in the spring about replacing our back fence. We offered to do the labor for free if we could take the materials off the rent. They came over to assess the fence and commented on how nice the house was and how nice the back yard was, they agreed to our fence terms (which we haven’t gotten around to doing, maybe in September). So we all win. They have dream tenants, and we have sweet easy rental. There are many rental situations that would not make sense to do updates in, like a short term rental, or a property management type situation.

5. IT GIVES ME PURPOSE AND PRIDE: I love our home, and I love to do home projects. It keeps me entertained, it helps keep boredom at bay, and provides hours of entertainment. It also is something I can proud of, which I struggle with sometimes. My home is a good representation of me. Making DREAM HOME boards on Pinterest only goes so far, some time you have to put your money where your pin is. (;


So that my friends is why we are happy to put money into our rental. Onto the bathroom project!

Here are some (kinda crappy, its such a small space!) before & after photos. Please note the following issues:

-Pedestal sink was not attached to the wall (and the wall was all rough and yucky), as well as was not properly attached to the base. Just a hot mess of nasty wobbly-ness. It also could not safely hold a soap dispenser, nor anything else.

-Garbage can out in the open. My baby likes to eat trash, enough said.

-Toilet in need of a new wax ring (you can’t see this)

-Flooring hideous and horrible to get clean

-Shelving and art behind toilet was off center, unfinished, and left little to be desired.

-Crappy Storage for toilet paper, cleaners, and plunger (again my baby likes to lick plungers)

bath 1

bath 2

bath 3

bath 4

bath 5

bath 7


$30.00 – Flooring. We replaced our yucky sheet vinyl with Peel and Stick tiles. They are affordable and come in neutral colors, and are way easier than tile. If I owned, I would have probably done real tile, but not in a rental. This we easy enough for me to install, some trial and error, but not too bad. I may do my laundry room and kitchen this winter.

$124.00 – Vanity Cabinet. We bought this Special Buy Glacier Bay stock cabinet with top and integrated sink, plus medicine cabinet (that wouldnt fit between the lights). This is cheap stock cabinetry, but I actually like the way it looks and it doesn’t feel too cheap. We bought the floor model, so they knocked off $25, which made it super affordable. Removing the pedestal was tricky, and part of it had to be broken. Installing the plumbing was easy, but we have a slight leak that I will need to fix with some putty this week.

$30.00 – Shelves. We bought these White 24″ Floating shelves, that are cheap and super easy to install. They are also a little deeper for holding baskets with toilet paper. All the accessories and art we put in the bathroom we had around the house.

$7.50 – Knobs. We replaced the stock Oil Rubbed Bronze knobs on the vanity, and the old knob on the wall cabinet with these chrome geometric ones. We have a few chrom details that we didnt want to replace (faucet, mirror, towel rack, lights) so this helped tie that finish in.

$25.00 – Shower Curtain. This was a little splurge that I thought would change the room a lot. I decided NOT to paint the bathroom, so replacing the shower curtain helped finish the look. This soft neutral curtain is really nice. It lets light in, and it matches the geometric pattern of the knobs. It also goes well with the flooring and the cabinet. All earth tones. We kept the Denver curtain, because we love it, and will probably use in a future bathroom.

Other miscellaneous things we bought:

-Kitchen and Bath Caulk in White

-Toilet Wax Ring and Flange

-Plastic Shower Curtain Liner

In total right around $250!


Freshly Picked Moccasins REVIEW & GIVEAWAY, and why I love Shark Tank




mocs 3


Do you watch Shark Tank? You should, seriously. It’s the best show! its smart and interesting, and actually quality reality TV! Plus in my opinion, it’s family friendly. We watched a ton of Shark Tank when Vada was super tiny and just wanted to nurse all evening long. Shark Tank was my savior. I’m Team Lori or maybe Team Mark, I like em both. There are lots of cool products on Shark Tank, and the people are so awesome, its like the American Dream! While watching we always look up the products to see how much they cost, and how the business is doing. One of my favorites was actually a product I had already seen on Instagram. I LOVE INSTAGRAM! Seriously folks, Instagram is so freaking awesome. I don’t even have a love/hate relationship with it like Facebook, Its pure love with me and IG. One of the best things on IG is all the cool kids stuff/fashion, there are so many great kids fashion accounts that I like to peruse. Which brings me to FRESHLY PICKED! Their IG account is filled with adorable kids in cute clothes and their super cute Moccasins! You can watch their founder Susan Petersen on Shark Tank here! Long story short, Freshly Picked so kindly sent me a pair of their Moccasins to review, and even BETTER a pair to give to one of you!

mocs 1

Aren’t they so cute! I got the blush color, because they were out of coral. But OMG guys the watermelon ones are so freaking cute!

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 12.59.46 PM

Here are my thoughts on the moccasins:


Colors/styles/branding: I love everything the Freshly Picked company puts out. The colors are amazing and so on trend. They aren’t boring or tacky colors like a lot of kids footwear. I actually had to consult a few of my stylish friends to help me pick a color, I love them all! I also think they get an A+ in marketing. Their logo is adorable, packaging (the cute bag and button!) and their photos and styled shoots are simple, modern and perfect. This goes a long way with me. I love a stylish brand. I’m a sucker for anything by Boon, Oxo, Skip Hop, because they are on top of their game for staying modern, simple and making beautiful functional baby items. Add Freshly Picked to these top brands, because style-wise they are doing it right!

Fit: These booties stay on, they really do. You can also buy up a size and they STILL stay on. My friend Lori bought her son a size 3 when he was just tiny, and he was wearing them every time I saw him, and they never fell off. She finally got him a  bigger size about a month ago and passed the little ones onto Vada. The size 3 fit prefect on Vada, and she has to tug REALLY hard to get them off. I went ahead and got a size 4 for her (shown above) and although they are big, they too stay on perfect. They will be great this fall for when she learns to walk!

Crawling & Walking: These shoes are made from durable leather, so they are soft and just slightly “sticky” for babies to crawl on hardwoods or carpet (I’ve heard that the suede version can be a bit too slick on hardwoods). They also are great for wearing indoors to keep feet clean and safe when real shoes aren’t great, almost like stylish socks. We have an indoor play place in Bellingham called Perch And Play, and they have a sock rule, but these would work great there too! Size wise they go all the way up to a 10! I also love that they can be worn with pants, or shorts without socks. We really have avoided socks with Vada, but will probably have to start buying some this winter.

mocs 4


Alright, here’s the big one, PRICE. At $60 a pair, these shoes are totally out of the budget for most people (not the Kardashians though). I will say though, that we bought multiple pairs of another brands booties when Vada was a baby, and she wore them a ton, and I would have happily spent $60 on them. When you find a good, long-lasting product that your kid wears every day, and most importantly that you can buy a little big, and that will still stay on, its worth it. I have also seen lots of people selling gently used Freshly Picked Moccasins on IG, which can also be a great way to try these out. Would I say these are a MUST HAVE, not really, but if you have a grandma who wants to splurge on something special for her new grand baby, send her to Freshly Picked!

WEAR OUT: Another thing I have noticed is that the leather also wears down. The ones Lori gave us are bright blue, but the toes are all scuffed up. This is totally normal wear for leather, and Freshly Picked addresses this on their site here. But if that would big you, you may want to think twice about which color you get. A bigger turn off for me with the rich colors, is that the dye can literally dye your babies feet. Each time Vada has worn the bright blue ones, her feet turn blue. I don’t know exactly why this is, or if its common with other colors, but it made me pick a light color when I got ours. Lastly, you can’t put these in the wash, only wipe them down.

moc 2

On to the fun stuff! Freshly Picked is giving one of my readers their own pair!

To enter please leave ONE comment below (if you leave more than one comment I will be forced to delete both) stating which moccasin color you like best!

To win you can not have won any other giveaway including a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins within the last 60 days. You MUST be a US resident. The giveaway is open until August 10th! Good luck!

“Giveaway ends August 31st at 11:59 PM EST. Open to Legal Residents of the US only. Prizes cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. Winner will be selected by Random.org and be notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. Please note that For The Love Of Skinny Blog is not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes. I have represented each sponsor with the expectation they will fulfill their prize and in a timely manner. I will contact the sponsor regarding your prize(s). The sponsors, in most cases, are shipping their items to you directly. I will make every effort to assist you in obtaining your prize. If there is an issue with a sponsor, please notify the blog you won a prize from within 30 days for assistance, after that we may be unable to assist you. The product provided for the review was free of charge from the company. The product offered for the giveaway is free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by any form of compensation. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to me and me alone. I do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.”